The following individuals were interviewed for the project. To all of them we express our sincere thanks for sharing their memories and reflections on their childhoods and early lives.

Graham Andrew
Tom Andrew
Leith Burgess
Isabell Cooper
Wallace Fenton
Annie Hill
Derek Lorimer
James McAdam
Robert McConnell
Sarah McTrustry
Wilma McVittie
Mary Moore
Billy Robson
Willie Stevenson
William Andrew Turkington

Leslie Bell
Cahal Boyd
Robert Chesney
John Cushinan
Frankie Dale
Roddy, Owen and Mickey Gribbin
Mary Ann Higgins
George Laverty
Brian McCann
Gerry McCann
Jim McKee
Edmund McLarnon
Roisin McLernon
Maureen McMeel
Edmund O’Donnell
Bessie Quinn
Matt Quinn

Victor Crampton
Sheila Herdman
James Lamont
Eithne McKendry
Brian McKenna
Kathleen McKenna
Greta Milliken
John Milliken
P. J. O’Donnell
Trevor Monteith
Hanni Reinhardt
Wilma Shaw
John Wilson

We are also grateful to the various interview teams. The members of these teams were as follows:

Doagh – Leith Burgess, David McConnaughie, Margaret Adams, Alex Hill, Jim Cardwell and Sandy Sherrard, Bob Adams.
Toome – Una Johnston, Henry Marron, Henry Gribbin, Marianne Carey, Charlie McQuade and Bob Adams.
Whitehead – Ricky Linton, Ronnie Warburton, Bob Adams and William Roulston.

For help with making introductions we are grateful to Victor Hart, Colin McCracken and Sam Crowe. We are grateful to the many people who supplied the images used on this website.

South Antrim Living Memories Project wishes to acknowledge the assistance of: