Moneyglass Chapel

One of the most important building projects in the Toome area in the early twentieth century was the construction of a new Catholic church at Moneyglass in the 1920s. The foundation stone for the new church was laid on New Years’ Day 1920 and five years later, on 16 August 1925, the church was dedicated and opened by Dr McRory, the bishop of Down and Connor. As a young boy John Cushinan remembers observing the steeple rising higher and higher as it neared completion.

A number of those interviewed from Toome had family members who worked on the church’s construction, including Cahal Boyd’s father. Another was Maureen McMeel’s father-in-law. James McMeel was a stonemason from County Monaghan who had moved to Belfast to practice his trade, working on such projects as the construction of Clonard monastery. Maureen’s husband Owen had been born during the family’s time in Belfast. Maureen’s father-in-law then found work on the building of Moneyglass chapel which brought him to this area (as it brought others as well). He made Toomebridge his home and around 1932 bought Rock Cottage where his descendants continue to live.

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